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"Xiaojiafang" Folklore Street to Debut in May

On March 17, 2019, an old Chengdu folklore block, which is nicknamed "Xiaojiafang" by local residents in the Xiaojiahe Sub-District of Chengdu High-tech Zone, will debut in May, 2019, signifying another special block added in Chengdu.

Xiaojiafang's "predecessor" is the pedestrian street named Zhengjia Street in Xiaojiahe Sub-District. As the central axis for the construction of the characteristic block of Xiaojiahe Zhengjie Street, from the beginning of planning and design, this old street with a length of only 500 meters was positioned as an open block with integrated urbanization functions such as service industry gathering, neighborhood communication, recreation, fitness, and entertainment. With the continuous improvement of urban greening, Xiaojiahe Sub-District will build Xiaojiafang as a key project of the "Flowering Xiaojiahe Sub-District" for urban image upgrading. After the renovation, the logo with the "Xiaojiafang" element will be set at the intersections where each lane and the main road meet. During the landscape upgrading and transformation, Xiaojiafang will emphasize the connection between cultural roots and urban development, and avoid "all lanes of the same appearance".




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