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JiangjiaYiyuan Parent-Child Art Festival Unveiled

JiangjiaYiyuan Parent-Child Art Festival was held on March 16, 2019 in JiangjiaYiyuan, Chengdu. The 2-day festival included simulated mini TV stations, little emcee, little reporter training, cooking experience, equestrian experience, pastoral storytelling, parent-child interactive football competition, kayaking, little volunteer dentist clinic experience, etc.

Chengdu JiangjiaYiyuan is located in the Sansheng Township Area. It is the first demonstration zone for the integration of "agriculture, commerce, culture, tourism and sports" on the Jincheng Greenway developed by Better City Group Greenway Company. The park covers an area of about 2,130 mu (1mu≈666.7m2), of which 1,135 mu is completed. It plans to build a first-class greenway of 2.8 km, a second-class greenway of 3.8 km, and a trail (three-class greenway) of 13.5 km, facilitated by23 cabins, landscape pavilions, corridors and other service stations.



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