Who qualifies to work as a foreign expert in China?

? The term ‘foreign expert’ refers to foreign professionals who work in China in a capacity that is considered important for the country’s economic and social development - at the invitation of the Chinese government or an enterprise, institution, multinational or other organizations.

? The following foreign professionals are eligible for foreign expert status in China:

? 1. Technical or management personnel – based upon specific requirements concerning agreements between governments or international organizations.

? 2. Professionals specializing in education, scientific research, news media, publication, culture, art, health, sports and other fields.

? 3. Senior technical or management professionals, at the level of vice-general manager or above - or a similar level.

? 4. Representatives of overseas organizations or agencies, accredited by the State Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs.

? 5. Professionals specializing in fields such as economics, technology, engineering, trade, finance, accounting, taxes and tourism - with special expertise that is required in China.


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