2018 Cross-border E-commerce Service Resources Convention Held in Chengdu

? On October 30, 2018, the 2018 Cross-border E-commerce Service Resources Convention opened in Chengdu with the core theme of "New State of Trade, New Energy of Silk Road" under the sponsorship of the Chengdu Municipal Commission of Commerce. Attendees included cross-border e-commerce operators and more than 1,500 professionals from numerous nations such as the United States, Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom, India, Malaysia, Thailand and South Africa.


Participation from Worldwide Guests

??A global event naturally attracts participation from guests from across the globe. The large number of attendees shared their insights with regards to a wide range of agendas from Chinese-Russian trade, overseas expansion of brands, cross-border technology and cross-border payment to e-commerce in Africa and social media via short videos, among other subject matters.

??Chairperson of Ebrun and Director of the Ebrun Research Institute Zheng Min: The choice of using the agglomeration of cross-border e-commerce service resources as a springboard for industrial development is highly visionary. We also look forward to this conference to ascend as a benchmark event of the industry.

??Asia-Pacific General Manager of Yandex Sergey Ustinov: The proportion of domestic and cross-border e-commerce operators in Russia amounted to only 8% in 2010, but the ratio of cross-border e-commerce operators already rose to 33% by 2016, and it is estimated that the figure might reach 50% by 2020.

??Vice President of LianLian Pay Zheng Jian: If we look at the payment market from various dimensions, the Chinese B2C market already has 800 million consumers, but the volume of transactions in the Chinese corporate payment (B2B) market is far bigger than that of the B2C market.


Contracts Signed for Eight Cross-Border E-Commerce Service Resource Projects

??During the span of the conference, the two matchmaking events of "Global Trends on Services & Resources in Cross-border e-Commerce" main forum and cross-border e-commerce platform were also held. Documents or contracts were signed for intentions for eight cross-border e-commerce resource projects, namely between Sino-Ocean and the Chengdu Municipal Commission of Commerce, between Ruston Express and the Shuangliu Free Trade Zone, between Kuazhitong and Wuhou District, between Club Factory and Qingbaijiang District, between PingPong (pingpongx) and the Shuangliu Free Trade Zone, between J&P UK Accountants and Wuhou District, between kilimall and Qingbaijiang District, and between Shenzhen Qianhai Haitao City and the Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone.


Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Service Resource Center Starts Operation

??On the day of the commencement of the conference, the Chengdu Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Service Resource Center was also formally revealed and put into operation. Located at Building A, Sino-Ocean International, No.177 Jiaozi Avenue, Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, the Chengdu Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Service Resource Center boasts a total floor space of roughly 50,000 square meters and is estimated to be an office space capable of accommodating around 3,000 persons. It is going to be a leading, professional and unique building of landmark status that will focus on the agglomeration of cross-border e-commerce service resources. The Chengdu Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Service Resource Center will be constituted by eight major functions such as the Chengdu Municipal Cross-border E-commerce Investment Promotion Center, Industry and Brand Promotion Center, Innovation and Start-up Incubation Center, Big Data Service Center, Foreign Commerce Chambers and Business Associations Business Center, Human Resource Public Service Platform, Training Center and Exhibition Center.?

??Chengdu will leverage on the center as its main platform in its endeavor to assemble more than 10,000 cross-border e-commerce companies, over 5,000 cross-border e-commerce service providers and more than 100,000 innovative and entrepreneurial human resources. In addition, the center will continue to roll out a series of policies to support the growth of e-commerce companies, speed up the pace of introducing world-famous e-commerce transaction platforms, general supply chain companies and third-party service providers and enterprises, cultivate e-commerce unicorn companies, and guide e-commerce service resources across the country to establish a presence in Chengdu.


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