Get a work permit in five steps!

? If you're a foreigner and received an offer from a local employer, don't be happy too early. Remember to get a work permit for foreigners in China. ??

? Today we'll offer a guide on how to get a 90-day or less-than-90-day work permit. Check it out!


01 Scope of Application

? The work permit applies to legal entities and employers incorporated in China and foreigners in the employment of these entities and employers.?

02 Qualifications

Employer Qualifications

? 1.The employer must be a legal entity without seriously negative credit records. The position must be a special one temporarily short of appropriate domestic candidates at home and must not be against the applicable Chinese regulations. The wage and bonus of the foreign employee must meet the local subsistence wage regulations. ?

? 2.Under law, the employer will be subject to the prequalification procedure of the competent authorities, if applicable.

Applicant Qualifications

? 1.A work permit applicant must be 18 or older, healthy and have no criminal records. He or she must have a definite employer in China and have the professional expertise or knowledge to do his work. ?

? 2.The position must be one that complements the social and economic development of China. He or she must be a professional China is short of or in bad need of. ? ??

? Foreign Expert (Class A)

? Foreign experts include excellent scientists, leading technologists, international entrepreneurs and special professionals who are needed by the market and required for the social and economic development of China as well as high-quality talent meeting the specific point system requirements. There is no limit to age, education and working experience.?

? Foreign Professional (Class B)

? Foreign professionals are high-quality talent who falls under the catalogue in the Directive on the Employment of Foreign Workers in China and whom China badly needs for social and economic development. They must be aged at most 60, have a bachelor's degree or higher and two or more years of working experience. The limits on age, education and working experience are looser for Innovators, entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, excellent foreign university grads, talent meeting the specific point system requirements and talent designated in intergovernmental agreements or pacts.?

? Ordinary Foreigners (Class C)

? Ordinary foreigners refer to other foreigners who meet the demand of the domestic labor market and the requirement of national policies.

[Limit on Numbers]

? No limit on numbers is set for foreign experts (Class A). Foreign professionals (Class B) are limited based on market demand. Refer to the applicable regulations for the limits for ordinary foreigners (Class C).

03 Submittals

? 1.Application Form.?

? 2.Employment Agreement, Project Agreement and Cooperation Agreement.?

? 3.Passport or international travel documents.

? 4.Other materials.


? 1.An applicant who files for a 90-day or less-than-90-day work permit may work with more than one employer. Specify all the employers.?

? 2.The applicant must work for no longer than approved by the permit. No extension will be provided. ?

? 3.A Z-passport holder who’ll stay for 30 days or shorter cannot get a work-type residence permit. A 30-day or longer stay requires a work-type residence permit. ??

? 4.Under Chinese law, the prequalification documents and professional qualifications issued by the competent authorities must be submitted as required. ? ?

? 5.All the above materials must be in electronic format.?

04 Procedure

? 1.Register the employer online with the Service System for Foreigners Working in China. SSFWC will determine whether to examine written materials, depending on the employer’s credit level.?

Time: 5 workdays if the materials are complete and there’re no special circumstances. ?

? 2.Online Application: The employer or his agent may log onto the website of SSFWC and submit the application and relevant electronic materials.?

? 3.Prequalification and Reception. Time: 5 workdays.

? ?

? 4.Screening. The decision maker will examine the application and electronic materials and make a decision within 5 days from the reception. Time: 3 workdays. ? ?

? 5.Decision and Completion: A Notice to Foreigners Working in China will be generated online. Time: 2 workdays.

? Address: F3, Chengdu Exit and Entry Administration, Foreign Expert Center, Chengdu, Sichuan ?

? Tel: 028- 62377790

? Complaints: 028-61888298


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