Chengdu's 13 TOD Projects for 2019 to Commence


? On January 30, 2019, the Chengdu Rail Transit Real Estate Group announced that construction of the Chengdu Rail Transit Group's Luxiao Station transit-oriented development project (TOD) will break ground after the Chinese New Year, and within the year the group will have 13 TOD projects under way.?In accordance with the Implementation Details on Comprehensive Development of Rail Transit Stations in Chengdu, the city of Chengdu's 13 districts (cities) and counties will each establish one benchmark comprehensive TOD project.?

? Timetable for the construction of comprehensive TOD projects in Chengdu has already been put on the agenda: Achieve full establishment of model projects within one to two years, realize scale effect within three to five years, and ensure that the TOD projects become an integral part of the beautiful and livable garden city within five to ten years. In terms of design, Chengdu Rail Transit will endeavor to position the comprehensive TOD projects as landmarks of the garden city of Chengdu. Of which, five TOD projects, namely the Luxiao Station, Zitonggong Station, Changgongyan Station, Chengdu Institute of Public Administration Station and Wansheng Station, will receive their allocated plots and start construction in the first half of 2019, while the eight TOD projects of Sichuan Normal University Station, Xinjin Station, East Longtan Temple Station, Weijianian Station, Shuangfengqiao Station, Machangba Station, Liaojiawan Station and Muhua Road Station will strive to start construction within 2019. The intended construction durations of all 13 TOD projects are approximately three years.

? In December 2018, the public platform of the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Planning of Natural Resources published regulatory plan amendment proposals regarding specific land use in the regulatory plans for the Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Zone's Zhonghe Zhongxin Huabei Sector, Zhonghe Zhongxin Huadong Sector, Zhonghe Beihuanglong Sector and Zhonghe Beiyinglong Sector (Luxiao Station TOD integrated urban design). The published information reveals that, in order to ensure implementation of the Luxiao Station TOD integrated urban design proposal, there are plans to execute regulatory plan amendments to specific locations east of Zizhou Avenue, west of the Cheng-Zi-Lu Highway, south of the Jubaotuo River and north of Yinglong Road, which will amount to a total area of roughly 1.1808 million square meters. The Luxiao Station TOD integrated urban design has an area of 1.09 million square meters, including a core area of 84,820 square meters.


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