Chengdu Accelerates Establishment of International Business Climate Advanced City (Part II)


? On February 12, 2019, Chengdu hosted a press release for the "Action Plan for Deepening Business Climate Comprehensive Reform and Establishment of International Business Climate Advanced City". At the event, leaders from relevant organs such as the Chengdu Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology, Chengdu Tax Bureau, Chengdu Municipal Financial Regulatory Bureau, Chengdu Municipal Port and Logistics Office, Chengdu Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Chengdu Municipal Natural Resources Management Bureau, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and the Registration Sub-bureau of the Chengdu Municipal Market Supervision Bureau? reported about establishment status of the business climate of the city of Chengdu, the Action Plan for Deepening Business Climate Comprehensive Reform and Establishment of International Business Climate Advanced City (hereinafter referred to as Action Plan), support action plans and other relevant matters.

? In terms of connecting power supply and gas supply for companies, the city of Chengdu will carry out a raft of measures. Materials for power supply and gas supply application will be simplified, low voltage electricity users will be exempted from the need to fill out forms, online sharing of application material data will be promoted, review and approval speed will be hastened, and steps such as review and approval of design of low voltage electricity user and construction completion handover check will be cancelled. Electricity and gas expenditures will be reduced, construction of power grid will be strengthened, connected capacity for low voltage projects in the urban areas will be raised from 100kW? to 160kW, and connected capacity for low voltage projects in the rural areas will be raised from 50kW to 100kW.

In terms of international trade, the city of Chengdu will fully promote and apply the international trade "single window" system, realize full availability of port of entry functions and businesses, and substantially enhance the level of informatization and convenience in port of entry customs clearance. At the same time, airport of entry "24-7" customs clearance service standard will be continually improved, long-term assurance mechanism to support "24-7" customs clearance will be set up, and "inspection anytime, expedited customs clearance" for international flights, international travelers and import and export goods will be ensured.

? In terms of risk notification and preemptive warning, the Chengdu Tax Bureau will make use of online and offline methods such as Chengdu tax corporate WeChat account, text messaging platform, corporate tax QQ groups, WeChat groups and paper-based risk advice letters to provide to tax payers preemptive warning and notification service for 31 common and low-risk risks like unfiled tax return, undeclared tax, missing write-off of expiring out-of-registered-location business management proof, and invoice issued not in compliance with regulations. Customized preemptive risk warning and notification service will be offered to large enterprises, including preemptive warning and notification for industry-specific tax-related risks according to the features of different industries, and preemptive risk warning and notification for risks associated with abnormal enterprise-specific data; paper-based Risk Management Advice Letter will be issued to enterprises, and specific solutions and risk management suggestions will be provided based on specific corporate risk weaknesses.

? In terms of registration of real estate property, the city of Chengdu plans to build and open a real estate property certificate issuance location in Jinniu by the end of 2019, and extend service availability toward sub-districts (townships and towns), communities and financial organizations.

In addition, the event also published policy documents such as the Implementation Proposal for Further Improving Simple Corporate Unregistration and Registration Reform Trial Sites in Chengdu, Action Plan for Improvement in Convenience Level for Corporate Credit and Loan Obtainment and Protection of Small and Medium-sized Investors in Chengdu and Measures for Accountability of Damage to Business Climate in Chengdu (Trial).


Chengdu Key Projects Plan 2019 Released


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