Time-Honored Brands are Making a Scene

White Rabbit Candy is a milk confection produced by Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food, a Time-honored Brand of China. Since inception in 1959, the White Rabbit has become favorite among people across the country and cemented its status as a "childhood memory" in the mind of many Chinese people.?

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MAXAM is an old brand in the portfolio of Shanghai Jahwa, one of China's most historical manufacturers of personal care products. Founded in 1912, to many Chinese, MAXAM is the equivalent of "mama's fragrance".

Q: What chemical reaction occurs when "childhood memory" meets "mama's fragrance"?

A: Incredibly positive market reaction.

On September 7, Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food announced a cross-over partnership is to be formed between its White Rabbit Creamy Candy and MAXAM, which will unveil a MAXAM x White Rabbit lip balm. On September 20th, total of 920 White Rabbit candy-flavored lip balms, jointly produced by Maxam and White Rabbit, were sold out within seconds after officially going on sale online at 10 am.

With a 78-yuan price tag for a pair, cost is definitely not a clear advantage, but the collision of these two age-old brands Chinese goods has sparked fond memories and ignited a huge wave of nostalgia that has swept the market and all MAXAM x White Rabbit lip balms off the shelves.

Actually, this was not the first cross-over collaboration that has taken between Chinese Time-honored Brands. Next, let me show you some "eye-opening" products with Time-honored Brand heritage~

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Luzhou Laojiao perfume

Luzhou Laojiao is one of China's four most famous brands of baijiu alcohol, and for their new product, it makes one wonder whether it comes in various baijiu-driven styles like "strong aroma" or "sauce aroma".

Eye-opener 2

Wan Fu Makeup Removal Oil

Edible oil household name Fulinmen teams up with celebrated Chinese essence oil brand Afu to concoct a makeup removal oil.

Eye-opener 3

Liushen Floral Water Cocktail

Nectar of the "six gods" ("Liushen" literally means "six gods")!?


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