Local Specialties of Chengdu

As for the foreigners who live in Chengdu, delicacy and delight have always been hot tags of Chengdu. Then if they leave Chengdu and return to their motherland one day, what do they want to bring back from Chengdu?

With such doubts, I randomly interviewed in the street with several foreign friends from Poland, Thailand, Chile, Tanzania and other countries, and their answers are surprising!



I guess that this friend may refer to Sichuan Erjingtiao. The chili has slender tail and tastes hot and spicy. It is an indispensable ingredient in Sichuan cuisine. HC raised a more detailed question later: "What is the difference between Sichuan chili and chili in your hometown?" The foreign friend said that he had no idea how to describe it. In short, he does like Sichuan pepper!



If you find it hard to have authentic Sichuan hotpot, you will be very pleased with yourself when you DIY with authentic hotpot soup base at home.

If you want to make Sichuan cuisine in perfect combination of color, aroma and taste, a variety of condiments and sauces need to be highlighted. How to eat specifically? A Tanzanian bro said: "Mix it with noodle, rice, almost everything." HC gives him full mark for that answer!



Almost every foreigner who comes to Chengdu has a deep fascination with pandas. Even if they can't bring a real panda back, they must take away a panda doll!



It is commonly referred to as "phoenix claw" in southern China. They are made of selected broiler chicken feet which are put into the pickle jar, and marinated with red pepper, rod chili and other seasonings. They taste soft and spicy, and enjoy the efficacy of stimulating appetite and promoting blood circulation.



It refers to pig brain. Although it sounds horrible, for the Sichuan people who cook like magic, they also have many ways to eat the "horrible" brain. Mao brain (boiled brain with sauced soup) and toast brain, which are so fresh, tender and tasty, taste even more delicate than tofu. A Polish friend even wants to bring this kind of horrible food to his hometown, and this friend has very good taste!


What do you want to bring back from Chengdu most when you return to your motherland someday? At the same time, welcome you to leave your message to tell me more Chinese words you want to learn!


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