Chengdu' s "World of Flowers" in Winter

In these chilly winter days, Chengdu received the blossom of winter sweet which filled streets and alleys with its extraordinary scents.

Besides such commonly seen winter sweets, there are more flowers in Chengdu for appreciation. Let's explore these flowers in winter.

Winter Sweet

Winter sweet blooms with strong scents in cold weather despite frosts and snows. There are verses in a poem go as,

"More beautiful with a light color, everlasting scent despite seemly weak branches."

As its name indicates, winter sweet conveys the heart-feeling sweetness in cold winter.


Recommended sites:

Xingfu Meilin: Smell the scent before seeing the flowers

Address: Jingning Road, Sansheng Town, Chengdu

Hundreds of thousands of winter sweet trees along zigzagging paths attract people with their blossoms.

Tazishan Park: Various kinds of winter sweets with strong scent

Address: Shuanggui Road, Chengdu

Thousands of lovely winter sweet trees stand in winter wind spreading strong scent in the park.

Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage: Thin pebbles in golden color

Address: No. 28 Caotang Road, Chengdu

Golden winter sweet flowers look even more attractive alongside green bamboos in the yard, spreading pleasant scent.



Take some winter sweet branches and put them in a vase, and you can enjoy the pleasant and poetic scent at home. You can find winter sweet branches sold in some appreciation sites. Besides the above sites, People's Park, and Huanhuaxi Park are all great for winter sweet appreciation.

Crabapple Flower

The crabapple flowers are beautiful and charming, highly appreciated by people of different walks and praised as "National Beauty". Throughout the ages, it inspired many poets who wrote down verses like:

?"Worrying the flowers might fall to sleep as well, I lit a candle to arrange my make-ups", "Whether in snow, pond, or sunset, it stands out in spring."?

From late winter, crabapples are blossoming as well.


Recommended site:

Tanghu Park: Lake, tower, trees, and flowers deeply buried in your memory

Address: No. 2 Tanghu Road West Section One, Chengdu

Tanghu Park (meaning "Park of crabapple and lake") is a Sichuan-characterized garden named after crabapple. It covers an area of more than 200 mu (about 133,333 square meters). There are 30 kinds of crabapple flowers in the park, totaling more than 5,000 crabapple trees.



Sansheng Flower Town, located on the outside of the Third Ring Road and on the side of Chenglong Road, is a well-known flower market in Chengdu. You can choose a few pots of crabapple flowers, bring them home, and feel the warmth and joy in winter.


The camellia trees are beautiful, elegant, rich in leaves, and often praised by poets. Lu You wrote a poem to describe its beauty:

?"With three days rain and wind, the peach and plum flowers were all blown to the ground and swept away. Only the camellia flowers stay on the branches, with even a few more red buds blossoming among the green leaves."

timg (1).jpg

Recommended site:

Tiantai Mountain: Red flowers stand out in white snow creating a striking scene

Address: Tiantaishan Town, Qionglai

Camellia flowers are concentrated in places like Sandaowan, Xiushui Sanyun, Camellia Ridge of Fangcao Valley in Tiantai Mountain. You can fully appreciate the camellia flowers braving the chilly winter wind in these places.

timg (2).jpg


During the 2019 Tianfu Spring Flower Fair (January 25 to 31, 2019), citizens can buy flowers at the Qingyang Flower Market at Culture Park, Shaocheng Flower Market at People's Park, Baihuatan Flower Park at Baihuatan Park, Chenghua Flower Market at Xinhua Park, Guixi Flower Market at Guixi Ecological Park, with a total of 65 stands selling more than 300 varieties including camellia, turnip, and yellowwood tree.


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