Popular Places for Photos in Spring

Recently, the panda culture and creativity street at Xiaotong Alley in Chengdu has officially opened to the public. Last weekend, I visited the street and found various kinds of sculptures, dolls and other products related to panda. Xiaotong Alley has turned into "a panda alley".

Under the spring sunshine, panda sculptures looks very cute and are perfect for you to take photos with. The alley attracts lots of tourists. Apart from Xiaotong Alley, there are many other good places in Chengdu for spring trip and taking pictures.


I've put together a list of places where you can go sightseeing and take photos in spring! Let's go and check it out!

Take Photos of Pandas

Place: Xiaotong Alley

This narrow street less than 500 m long has always been favored by young art lovers. After the theme about panda was introduced, over one thousand panda sculptures and dolls have been brought here, making the Xiaotong Alley a Panda Culture and Creativity Street with strong atmosphere of culture and art. The renovated new main road has nine fixed booths displaying culture and creative products of panda made by panda culture and creative organization, and over ten mobile booths displaying and selling cultural and creative products made by enterprises and craftsmen on every Friday and Saturday.



√Panda-related cultural and creative IPs including Heart Panda and GOGOPANDA all have their booths lined up here. You can get many classic panda images here.

√The alley blends panda culture with its streetscapes by designing lots of wall paintings, ground paintings and panda sculptures, forming a featured art block.

For example, take a look at the mascot, Praying Panda. Isn't it super cute! It is a featured panda IP designed on the basis of the time-honored Fugan Temple Site near Xiaotong Alley.

Take Photos with "Campus flowers"

Places: universities

In this beautiful spring, most sightseeing sites are crowded with people coming to appreciate stunning flowers. Besides parks and self-driving trip routes nearby Chengdu, you can also choose somewhere else more refreshing to see flowers, for example, universities. Go on a date with "campus flowers"! It'd be prefect to pose among various plants and in the soothing atmosphere of universities.



√There are spring blossoms at Wangjiang Campus of Sichuan University, with the blush like a shy girl, locking the springtime inside this beautiful campus.

√The cherry blossoms at Chengdu University compose a romantic poem, ideal for lovers to take a walk hand in hand.

√Chengdu University of Technology is like a flower encyclopedia with many kinds of flowers like Chinese flowering crabapple, lannesiana, pear, iris, and camellia and so on.

Take Photos of Countryside and Animals

Place: Huanglongxi Happy Idyll

Happy Idyll, the creative expo park of modern agriculture at Huanglongxi, has recently opened to the public. It is a new leisure spot around Chengdu with its seven major topic areas, including Chuanjiang Grass Ocean, Flower Island, Ancient Buddha and Flower River, Wuyang Tea Valley, Seven-colored Forest, Dahe Terrace, and Luxi Pasture.



√The rapeseed flower field in full blossom is a must-have background of photography for Chengdu people!

√Alpacas, boas, otters, ponies, turkeys, cows, deer…many kinds of cute animals at the Luxi Pasture are there to comfort your heart.

√Museum of agricultural technology and sciences: Maglev planting, plant factory…high technologies applied in rural areas can open your mind about farming.

Take Photos at Wetland, Pretending to Be Nearby the Sea

Place: wetland parks in Chengdu

Lately, I've frequently seen TikTok videos about "watching the sea in Chengdu". It seems that those people in the video are having fun by the sea but the location is at the wetland park of Chengdu. I start to doubt if I am really a local and almost fall for the video. There are many park lakes in Chengdu and you can make seaside videos like the ones on TikTok with only a few shooting techniques. The lake view under the bright warm sunshine will not fail you!



Bailuwan Wetland Park: It has beautiful views, clear blue lake, and dense plants. You can take photos resembling movie screenshots with simple poses like hair flipping by the glistening lake.

Qinglong Lake Wetland Park: You can buy tickets at the Qinglong Ferry near the lakeside and take boat to appreciate Qinglong Lake from a different perspective. There is an independent middle lake island, Birds Island, which is an important wetland habitat for birds in Chengdu Plain.

East Lake Ecological Park: The shallow hill and lakes of East Lake form a delightful landscape, and produce an overlapping visual impact combining with the undulant skyline, presenting beautiful scenery from all angles.

In this warm spring, let's go out and take photos with cute pandas, appreciate spring flowers, walk around countryside, playing nearby the "sea" and learn new poses for pictures in a fantastic mood!


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